Traditional advertising campaign | art director

A breath of fresh skin.

2019-20.                         ART DIRECTOR

Task: Take an underserved audience and connect it to a product usually not
marketed to them.

Working in a team we decided to take the underserved audience of metrosexual African American males ages 18-25 and connect them to the brand Glossier, a blossoming and beautifying skin care and make up company. We noticed the entheme of men becoming more and more aware about cleanliness and healthiness, but noticed many were too scared to step foot into the large door of the cosmetic world.

Insight: We buy a new pair of Jordan's, or a new piece of streetwear clothing, but still stigmatize men who use skincare products? How do we get the audience to care, buy and be proud of the fact that skincare products provide a healthy and confident benefit to the user?

In a tradtional advertising campaign book, we used the traditional mediums of billboards, posters, and social media stories. We wanted the copy to list a fact or a benefit to the consumer to help destigmatize needing a product to feel and look your best.

All spec work done for class.