Working alongside 3D artists Alexis Christodoulou & Charlotte Taylor to art direct and build custom rooms for Gen-Z Facebook Group admins for the digital community, Digital Locals.
Alexis ChristodoulouCharlotte Taylor
The task was to connect young Facebook Group admins from around the world to create opportunities for group growth and engagement. But in order to begin that task, we had to create a visual representation for the space.
We wanted each room to feel like a timeless space where technology and communities could grow together in both, virtual and physical worlds.
Each room was designed for a different purpose with different contextual scenarios to accompany all of the group’s conversations.

We used the rooms to host weekly Q&A's, skillsharing opportunities, spotlight certain achievements and much more.

Digital Locals achieved its design to enrich and encourage young Facebook Group Admins around the world to continue creating impactful online communities.
A Celebration room, for cheering on the small wins

A Relaxation room, to remind our young admins of the
group/life balence importance.

A Creativity room, to spark conversations around skill sharing and learning.

A Conflict room, to allow the space for important
conversations to take place.
“This community has honestly provided so much support for me and I am so grateful for everyone who puts their time and energy into this space"

Group Admin: Harmony R.
"My favourite part was the continuous support I'm getting post,  write a comment or even create a reel I love that you guys appreciate everything that I create for the group and this made my connection better with my active members, I cheer for them whenever they post anything, I comment with a question to follow up on their answer and I no longer miss posts on my group

Group Admin: Sarah F.
“Wow, I honestly can't believe it's already been 1 year!! Being here from the start, it's awesome to see how we've all grown on our own and how we've grown together as a community as well!"

Group Admin: Patrick G.