Nike x Dick's

Creating virtual spaces for Gen-Z Facebook Group
Admins to build an online global community.
The space, titled Digital Locals became a skill sharing
group in itself where young admins would go to learn
and grow their own communities and interests online.
WHEN:Apr - May 2022        ROLE: Art Director            PLACE: Laundry Service


The two monolith brands of Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods teamed up to unlock a new form of savings and experiences for families at home.
We were in charge of coming up with a collaborative look and feel & social spots that put the kids and parents at the forefront of the conversation between saving more and getting more.

With each scenario we tried to create relevant, comedic shorts that showed how a kid's sports interest can lead to a dedicated parents pocket savings.
With one of the spots, we keyed on music as the way to capture out audience. We unknowingly chose a song that took on a double meaning that made the spots go viral.

Yeat an uprising star in the 21st century fluid genre of rap & roll has become an icon to the next generation with his muddy & druggy flows.

With the main line of the spots talking about the "perks" of the collaboration in companies. The song choice lended its ear to a specific audience that caught the double meaning and applauded the selection.

The corresponding internet press gathered itself over 1.8 Million Views & 200K Likes.

With the individual videos garnering over 8 million views in total.


Creative Director:       Dan Rozier
ACD:                                 Chad Murdock
Copywriter:                   Ynessa Rhodes
Art Director:                  Ben Cadwell
Designer:                        Katrina Lee
                                           Gray Kent
Director:                         Harrison Boyce
Account Lead:             Dani Roberts