Being in a place you know with no idea what's going on.


Create a new UX design for an existing experiential design.


Inspired by going home and not knowing what to do. This project in hopes aims to address that feeling by adding an option in the already useful Apple Maps that allows you to find new experiences and forgotten favorites. By first asking the user a set of questions of interests and moods that gives the user a tailored list of nearby events and places. Within that choice, you then have the ability to use camera directions with AR to direct the user to their desired location and share the destination with a tap of the screen.


Below are multiple mock ups and a rough prototype (see bottom for video) that show a little bit of the idea in motion and to conceptualize how this design might exist in the world. All work in collaboration with Devon Myers.

2019 - 2020.                      
all spec work done for class at University of Oregon