specializing in
Creative direction. brand identities
DIgital design. photography.
Social strategy. lifestyle production.
Hi I'm


I’m a multidisciplinary art director currently based in Los Angeles, California. My work is fueled by my passion of various mediums of art, consisting of film, graphic & print design, photography and experiential. My passion for storytelling leads me as a compass in my work to find the most unique visual language for truth and emotion to be transmitted. As my passion and career intersect, I help create and challenge new meanings for brands in culture.

I’ve started TikTok accounts for billionaires.
I’ve made Android phones look cool.
I’ve created something beautiful in the Metaverse for Facebook.
I’ve worked on music videos for the greatest visual rapper.
I sit shotguns in Ubers, because I enjoy conversation.
A professional couch sports commentator
My favorite sext: “What’s your letterboxd?”